May 31, 2006

Chu, Chu, Chu Kiss
Japanese don't like to kiss someone in public except for young couples. But mothers like to kiss their baby.
My younger son tries to kiss me. He has snivel and saliva on his face. So his kisses iare sticky.
I like his kisses. But his sticky kiss is a little bit of trouble.

By the way, when we went to Australia, a couple was kissing, though they took their children. I thought that people from other countries have other custom,
And I thought that was like movie’s cool scene which I had watched.

May 30, 2006

Guam VS London ( English comparing practice)
It would be just as comfortable
I want traveling with my sons this October. I can get special holiday from my company this year. My sons will have autumn holiday. Unfortunately it is imposible for husband to take it.

So what should we do only one week? Actually I think I should clean our house and stuff.
But if I can go to travel in autumn holiday, I want to go oversea countries.
So I try to compar Guam and London.

London is much nicer than Guam. I can use English in London. And there is Lego park in London. But I have to take care of my sons in London without my husband. It is not good. Maybe it makes me crazy. My younger son is so active. I am afraid of his life in London.

Guam is quite shorter flight from Japan than London. My younger son can't put up with long flight.
After travelling, long flight is exactly more tired than short travel.
Anyway I am thinking about our holiday for a while. And when I recognize, it will come October soon. And we can't go anywhere.
So I will clean my house......................

May 27, 2006

This is a mascot for Metropolitan Police Department. His name is Peopo-kun. This name combines People with Police.
When we went "HarajyukuOmotesandou which is famous town in Tokyo", I took picture of it in March. I'm not sure whether Peopo-kun is famous in Japan. So I checked the police homepage, where I lestened to his original song.
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May 25, 2006

What is your dream?
If someone asked you this question, what would you answer?
When I was a student, I wanted to ride a motorcycle in Australia or Africa. But I couldn't do it. I could just ride a moped a freeway in Hawaii. And I went to Pearl Harbor. (Now I think that it was so dangerous.)
The things is, dreams change depending on my situation.

After I got married, we had two sons. My feelings are changed by them.
My first dream is that I can speak well. And when I finish to take care of my sons, I want to buy a house, to which I will be inviting foreign students.

My second dream is that my sons live in the other countries. My younger son will be living in North America. And my older son will be living in Australia. We will move to those differen coutries every four months - North America, Australia and Japan. And finally I want to pass away in Japan.
When I pass away, I want to say "My life was the best."

After I posted this story on my blog, I talked with my husband about it. My husband said "That is OK. You should do as you would like."
And my bloger friends encouraged me. "Go for it"

May 22, 2006

Sea Lion and My older son
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Carnac Island in Australia

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May 21, 2006

Babies and mothers
We went to a parent and child swimming school, which is near my house. My older son began to swim from six months old. When he was a baby, I have gotten the child maternal leave for 1 year. (When my older son was 1 yearold, I came back to my job again.) So I enjoyed taking care of my older son. That swimming school is one of the wonderful memories.

She was a teacher which had Kewpie.

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Baby's swimming school
My older son's swimming suit was handmade. His brother wore it too.
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Swimming School
Now my older son are going to a swimming school with his yonger brother. He can swim the crawl and the backstroke. And he is learning to swim the breaststoroke. Acutally he doesn't like the swimming school. But I encourage to go the swimming school. Because he has a slight asthma.
When he was a baby, he had a fever sometimes. But now, he never has a fever.

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May 20, 2006

International English -Dialects-
color - colour
centre - center
traveler - traveller

American: I play sports on the weekend.
British: I play sports at the weekend,

American: Ralph will be in Tokyo Tuesday.
British: Ralph will be on Tokyo Tuesday.

line - queue
gasoline - petrol
subway - underground
elevator- lift
torch - flashlight
wrench - spanner

I think American ways are used well in Japan. Anyway I make mistakes always. My English is Japanese English. But I do not mind such a thing and do my best.

May 18, 2006

Woman only
In the trains, there are Chikan who touches young ladys. And unfortunately someone was misunderstood Groping by a young lady.

I heard in England or France, there are not Groping in trains. Therefore they don't need like this train.

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May 17, 2006

Do you know about "North Korean abductions of Japanese"?
This is a big serious problem. If you don't konw about it, please read this news.

Megumi-san's mother met President Bush in the USA. Actually I don't like him. But I hope he can return her to Megumi-san's parents.
I pray for Megumi-san returning in Japan.

May 14, 2006

Pork cutlet Sandwiches of Mansei
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Niku no Mansei
If you go to Akihabara, you try to go the restaurant called Niku no Mansei.
We eat beaf and pork usual. In Japan pork is cheeper than beaf. And doctors said porks'fat is better than beaf's for our health.

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Niku no Mansei of the home restaurant

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Akihabara is a very famous town in Japan. Maybe tourists from foregin country would visit Akihabara. They buy electrical appliaces.
Recently we don't go shopping in Akihabara. Because I can get a DVD recorder and a walkman, etc by internet.
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May 13, 2006

Odakyu Electric Railway
We take Odakyu Electric Raolway every day. I and my husband take Odakyu line , when we go to our office, and my older son goes to next staition's school.

We went to a ceremony of Odakyu Electric Railway today. There were a lot of people who like trains. Why boys like trains? Trains are loved not only young boys but also old boys.
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A lot of people said goodby to type 9000 of Odakyu train today

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In early this mornig
My husband took a picture in eary this morning nearby my house.
This train' type finished to run today.

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May 12, 2006

Today's diary
I was very exhausted today, because I went to Chiba on business. It takes two hours by train. I am thinking about going to bed early after taikng a bath.
Actually I want to study English and I want to rewrite my previous posts which have mistakes. Also I want to read aloud something in English. Because recently I am trying to more write something in English than read aloud. Friday is a very important day for time of studying.
Ahhh, How do you possibly talk? I wish I was a native English speaker.

May 11, 2006

Costco is a big store. When we went to it, we were very surprised. Why is it so big? Costoco's main customers are in the USA. I thought Americans like big size someting and a big cake??
We couldn't any find food in this store. Because our refrdgerator is small and we don't have any space.
If I get a big pack meat, it will rot.
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May 10, 2006

Chinese food
We enjoyed having Chinese food in Chinatown in YOkohama, which is very famous place. We can eat a lot of Chainese food which are Sichuan style, Beijing style and Guangdongetc style. A lot of chainese towns are in a lot of coutries. I think Chinesetown of Yokohama is bigger than the other country.
Japanese like Chinese food. We eat in restaurants. Also we cook it ourself at home. Japanese like Chinese food better than anybody except Chinese people.
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China town in Yokohama

understatement joke practice
This town is a little bit crowded every time.

A gate of chaina town in Yokohama city

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May 09, 2006

Ten years ago, this lane was lails way.

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Meters in train conductor's room
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May 07, 2006

Traveling in Gunma prefecture NO3
This is a takeout meal. We say Kamameshi. Kama means kettle, meshi means rice or meal.
When Japanese travel by train, we eat Ekiben on trains. Kamameshi is a kind of ekiben in Japan. We can get a lot of ekiben in local staitions. Kamameshi is a famous meal in Japan. Kamameshi is my favorite ekiben. I think ekiben are Japanese culture. And eating ekiben on a train is the Japanese way of traveling by trains.

If you travel by trains in Japan, you should try ekiben. You can eat many kind of ekiben. Recently trains are faster than in the old days. Ex. shinkansen

Recently it has become too fast to eat ekiben in trains. It less enjoyable.

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Ozashiki trains
Ozashiki means Japanese-style room whose mat is tatami . Tatami is kind of Japanese culture. Japanese feel comfortable.
This picture is train's inside. Ozashiki trains are very special. Passengers eat and drink. Also they sing songs by Karaoke. Usually we don't use it. I think you feel strange. I think so.

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Arch bridge builtt in 1892 in usui hill
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On a arch bridge
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