January 10, 2009

My younger son likes SUSHI. He especially tuna.
My older son can't eat raw fish. My older son accepted my younger son's feeling.

So we went to KaitenSushi.

My younger son tried to write kakizome.
Kakizome is the first calligraphy writing of the New Year. It was my sons' homework of winter holidays.
They did it January 2. I felt so tired.

Now, schools are starting. They took their arts to their school.

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January 01, 2009

New Year dishes called OSECHI
My mother made a lot of new year dishes. My mother prepared OSECHI before New Year's Day. It was so busy.

Now I didn't cook OSECHI. I just bought them. We can get a lot of food at the first three days of the New Year at shops. It is convenient.

When I was young, shops didn't open at the first three days of the New Year. My mother had to cook OSECH that could be kept for a long time.
Which is better ?

This holiday, my husband has job. (It is not every year.)
It is not good for my sons. The first three days of the New Year are important for Japanese. I think New Years are more important than Christmas for Japanese. But recently Japanese forget about it. Many customers like convinience.
We have to change it.


A happy new year
2009 starts!
I want to change my mind. GANBARUZO!
But recently I don't use English. So I can't write something in English.
I think we should start to do that in a positive way.