June 28, 2008

The guy who lives in Japan is an American young traditional ballad singer.
He can speak Japanese very well.
He said he forgot English words sometimes. Because he speaks Japanese always.
I want to be a better English speaker like his English.


June 22, 2008

A adventure
Last Saturday, my sons' school had a parents observing day. Parents observed their kids' class.

And last Monday my kids went to the railway museum by themselvsves in Omiya, which was little far from their house. (1 and half hours from their house by train)
Because last Monday was a day off instead of last Saturday. And their motehr couldn't take off.
Also her older son really wanted to go to the railway museum. When he was young age, he must go his after school Care Program. But he grew up, he has his plans.
This trip was a adventure for them and their mother.
Their mother was very afraid of earthquakes and random valences in trains.
Because there were earthquakes in Miyagi two weeks ago, and there was a random violence in Tokyo three weeks ago.

Anyway their mother went to the railway museum after a afternoon meeting. And she brought their kids.

Is it possible for kids to go somewhere by themseves in your country?
My older son is 11 years old. My younger son is 6 years old.

Interior of Railway Museum

railway model dioramas Mini trains

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June 10, 2008

Are you good at managing your money?
The beginning of month always I try to keep a household account. But I can't it.
The beginning of year always I try to make a budget. But I can't it.

Every day I cook with a homemade dinner. But I buy just delicatessen in supermarkets.
I try to cook something weekend. And I want to save foods for weekdays. But I feel tired. I can't it.

It seems impossible to me. LOL

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June 09, 2008

Back to the Future
Sometimes I watched a movie called Back to the Future.
(I can't catch "Doc" Brown, (Christopher Lloyd) 's English script. His talking was too fast for me.)
I want back to the old days.
I think the least I want to back to 1985'S.
We were young.

By the way, recently there are a lot of bad incidents in Japan. Last Sunday "A man armed with a knife has killed seven people and injured 10 others in central Tokyo" I can't believe this news. Akihabara is very famous town in Tokyo area.

A day in Akihabara(May 14, 2006)NO1
A day in Akihabara(May 14, 2006)NO2

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June 07, 2008

Urban legend
I heard an urban legend in the USA. It was about little Mikey who likes cereal. After that, when he ate a lot of Pop Rocks and coke, his stomach explode.
Anyway, he is very qute.

When I was young, my mother gave me Kellogg's cereal. We thought cereal breakfast was strange. "How to did they grow up? They just ate cereal?."
I didn't feel my stomach was full, Even if I ate cereal.

But when I was young, almost Japanese body were smaller than them.
Story(December 04, 2005)