March 08, 2009

Morning rush hour
Last week, I went to a head office in Tokyo. I had to take the 7:30 train for Tokyo.
It takes about one hour to get to the office. Before I went to Tokyo, I felt so bad. And after that I felt really bad.

Which do you choose trains?
If I was in India, I can't get on train.

March 01, 2009

When my younger son was a baby, we went to skiing. I and he watched my husband and my
older son who skied on a slope. It was too difficult to carry his buggy on snow.

Next day, my younger son had fever. So we shouldn't had gone to skiing with the baby.
Anyway, my younger son has a lot of experiences since he was young.
When my older son was a baby, we didn't go anywhere. we were afraid of be made ill.
But second baby was tough. And we think everything easily.

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