August 25, 2007

Stag beetle
When my older son was 5 years old, he got a stag beetle. He enjoyed to watch it.
That summer he went to a camp at one night with his preschool friends. But when he wasn't in our house, the stag beetle died. I was very confused.
Then I bought the other stag beetle in a shop near our house. After that he came back to our house, he said it was not my stag beetle. it was something wrong.
But I said I don't think so...
Actually he didn't know abut it.

Imitaition VS real beetle

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August 23, 2007


Kieran said, when it was my birthday.
If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should never grow old."
- James A. Garfield

But as I got older, I got more and more wrinkles.
I don't try to stand next to young person. LOL

August 14, 2007

Potato digging
We went to dig potatoes again. Do you remember that I posted the potatoes digging last year.
This year my sons did a good job too. And they played around in the field. They found grasshoppers and larvas. Also we got plenty of potatoes.

Next day, I cooked a good number of potatoes. But a lot of potatoes have been leaving in our house. I try to share them with my neighborhoods.

SzélsőFa recommended potatoes recipe. She said she needed sour cream. But we hardly eat any sour cream. Do you usually eat home made sour cream? Maybe her recipe is different of it. LOL But I try to cook it.

Anyway, my older son loves miso soup (bean paste soup) with potatoes. He is a Japanese.


August 08, 2007

He was a happy boy and he was a poor boy.
It has been very hot in Japan. Last Sunday my sons and I went to swimming pool which was near my house. My younger son enjoyed.

He was very happy on the float.

After swimming, we ate a popsicle. First he ate it joyfully. But when he almost finished it, he dropped it. (Look bottom of his foot.) He was looking forward to eat the end of ice.
He missed it. He was very depressed. He couldn't move there. I couldn't help him. So I had to carry him to our house by bus.
And he had been sleeping for next morning without his dinner.

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August 07, 2007

Cobblestone and stone stairs
It is an old temple. Recently, I think Japanese old temple is really nice. Long years ago, they carried stones and they made Cobblestone and stone stairs. How did old Japanese made them?
Now we make plenty of buildings. How long these buildings stand?
The modern things may not stand a long time.

Byakugo-ji Temple in Nara Prefecture

My uncle sent pictures. This picture is so nice.


August 04, 2007

It is Very hot.
I have been trying to write something. But it is really hot today. And my computer, which is having heat in our room.
By the way I wanted to post like Cazzie!!! . Because when I read her blog, I found a description in her blog. So I have been searching for long times. But I can't find now. Maybe she said it is hot. The temperature was 30 degrees. And she used a word. But I can't remember it. " Awful"???
What would you say it in English. "It is very very hot. And it is bad"

I try to read your blogs. And I am learning English from your blog. When I find a nice word, I should print it. But after all, I lose the print.

Ahhh, my computer has heat more. It runs wrong way. I sweat a lot.


August 02, 2007

Their tongue was big. And Their snort was big too. My older son was scared them. I thought it too.
I took this picture 4 years ago. When I took this picture, my yonger son was baby.
Time flies like an arrow. (I'm not sure what do you say it...)

I am in Slump to write somthing in

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