April 26, 2008

relative pronoun
@restrictive use
Kimono which are made of silk are expensive.
This Kimono which is old and silk belonged to my my mother.

@nonrestrictive use
Kimono, which are made of silk, are expensive.
This Kimono, which is old and silk, belonged to my mother.

When I use the relative pronoun my sentence , I wonder do it needs "," or "no ,"?.


April 25, 2008

Bamboo shoots
We get bamboo shoots near my mother's house. We eat bamboo shoots which are boiled up with soy sauce and sugar. My parents made me eat bamboos shoots. Because there is bamboo grove near my house. So in spring we get a lot of bamboo shoots. When I was young, I enjoyed to eat them. But finally I was getting fed up with them.
Tess's bamboo shoots are different of ours. If Tess's house is near my house, I would give Tess bamboo shots.

This year I got a lot of bamboo shoots too. I cooked them. I have been eating them.


April 21, 2008

Ecologically-friendly car
It is definitely a eco car which is a taxi. We found it in Yokohama.
I think they certainly can't carry sumo wrestlers.
The other hand Yokohama is a very big city.


April 12, 2008

Commuter rush in Japan
Kieran said "I need to stop complaining about crowding on London Underground."

April 11, 2008

Spring in Japan
I am so busy this week. My younger son starts his elementary school. My older son welcomed his younger brother in the school. My younger son is first grade. My older son is last grade. I feel so happy. Unfortunately they go to school togetherabout only one year.
Therefor I think they should enjoy their school's lives.

April 02, 2008

My son's bento
Robot bento

Snowman bento

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