March 30, 2008

Spring or Fall
Which do you like spring or fall ?
In Japan spring is cherry blossoms season. It is very beatiful. If you come over to Japan, you should come in April. And you go to notrh Japan of Tokyo. You will continue to enjoy cherry blossoms. But it is a hey fever season. I'm having a runny nose and very itchy eyes . Also in Japan schools start from April.

The other hand, turn leaves are very beautiful. My uncle took these pictures in Nara. We feel like something. (Do you say melancholy or sad??)
Because leaves fall off the trees. So winter is coming. It is dark just about 5:00PM. When I come back to my house and I pick up him from his preschool, I recognize this year is almost over.
Anyway in Japan you enjoys a lot of foods in fall.

For me, acutually I like summer! Of course I like spring, if I do not have hay fever.

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March 25, 2008

Chirashi sushi
We eat Chirashi sushi. What would you say it in English??
It is kind of sushi. We cook it at home. But we don't usually nigiri sushi at home.


March 22, 2008

Revolving sushi restaurant in the preschool
We say it is Kaiten sushi restaurant. My younger son's teacher made them. You said it is Revolving sushi restaurant.(My husband said it)
But I found words, Conveyor belt sushi.

When I was young, there were not Revolving sushi restaurants. And when some visitor's came over to our house, my mother was used to delivers ushi from sushi shop which run real sushi chef.
But recently old type sushi shops closed down near my house. Instead, sushi shops which take delivers only, like Shakey's Pizza Parlor in my town.

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March 10, 2008

Finish preschool
We will say goodbye to my sons' preschool after 10 years of walking there.
My younger son entered this preschool, when he was 10 months. My older son entered this preschool, when he was 1 year and 3 months.
From April they will go to elementary school together.


March 02, 2008

I am so busy, we can't decorated dolls this March. So my uncle sent this picture.
Hinamatsuri is the Doll’s Festival which is Japanese traditional custom for girls.
It is March third.
I have only sons. I want to have really girls.

People in the past said, if you don't put your dolls into boxs early after the doll's festival, you can't not get marry.

Actually, I got marry late. But I could get marry.
*My dolles.

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