October 29, 2006

One year really flies
It is past one year since beginning my blog. It seems like just yesterday I posted the first post. If Lanternlight didn’t comment about my posts, I would not have coninued my blog.
I think he is first my reader.
And if my English teacher didn’t check my posts, I would not have posted in English.
Plus, the other people who read my blog and comment about my posts. Thank you, I appreciate it. Anyway, when I started to post my blog, I wanted to go abroad on business. But I have not been a good chance. It is difficult to get a new chance.

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October 26, 2006

A Cream Mitsumame
I like "Mitsumame".
Mitsumame is a Japanese traditional dessert. This picture is Cream Mitsumame. It is made of small cubes of agar, a white translucent jelly made from seaweed, beans and fruts.
The big cup is a Japanese tea.
The small cup is "Mitsu" which is very sweat. We usually pour it onto the jelly before eating.

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This is a Japanese traditional tea shop near train line.

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October 23, 2006

My New Personal Computer
I bought a new Personal Computer. My older son and I went to a factory which, made personal computers. And, my older son assembled the new personal computer. Their staff taught kids how to assemble personal computers. (This manufactor has a special class for kids.)

Now, I am setting it, I am installing applications, copying datas. Maybe, I will not use it this week. Because, I’m busy. Actually, my old personal computer is 6 years old. OS is windows 2000.

Lanternlight reccomended to me, For home use, Vista is great. But you need a fairly powerful machine to run it (1GB+ RAM for starters).

Mabye, I think windows Vista os will need some Service Pack!!!

Anyway, I will use this new computer which has Windows XP, about 5 years. (LOL)

Plus, I don’t like what kids use personal computers. Therefore, I don’t admit our sons use personal computers. Especially, my younger son use it…
You might think my opinion and my way are strange.

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October 18, 2006

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October 17, 2006

Yesterday post
I posted about a medical check. But, probably, it seems that my post was strange.

LanternLight and Cazzie!!! asked me about “barium”. You don't say “barium”??
So, I asked my Canadian friend about it, and he answered “Valium”???
My English pronunciation was bad too.

Before we have an X-RAY of stomach, we have to drink a barium meal and we don’t eat anything from 9:00 PM.
But, when I cook my sons’ breakfasts, I eat something a little. Every year, I forgot not to eat anything before that.

And before I have an X-RAY of stomach, a doctor asked me “Did you eat something?”
I answered “Nothing”.

Anyway, this morning I didn’t eat anything… Please believe me…

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October 16, 2006

Physical chekup
Tomorrow is a day of physical checkup in my company. I am a little depressed. Because, I have to drink a barium. I hate it.
And, I forget that I don’t have to eat anything before the physical checkup.


October 15, 2006

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka
Hayao Miyazaki is a famous movie directer in Japan. Probably, you know his films. But actually, I have not ever watched his films.
My younger son likesTotoro”. My older son likes "catbus". Therefore, we visited his museum.
In this Museum, there is a very big catbus, which is made from arctophile. Kisds can be in it and climb up it.
And this month, Aardman Animations's works come to this museum. Our kids like "Wallace and Gromit". Our kids enjoyed this museum.

This museum doesn't permit people to take photographs. Only outside is OK.
The Ticket Information is here.

October 13, 2006

Tokyo DisneySea
We went to Tokyo DisneySea!
It was our first time. Actually I am not interested in Tokyo Disney Resort. I never went to Tokyo Disney Resort when I was young.
So, it takes about one half hour to get to Tokyo Disney Resort by car. Of course, it is not far, but Japanese high ways always have a lot of traffic jams. Therefore, I didn't want to go to Tokyo Disney Resort. This time, we could go it by bus, which departed form my town. It was easy to go to Desny Resort.

After I went to DisneySea Park, I recognized that DisneySea Park has better shows than Disneyland Park. Definitely, "Big Band Beat" , which was a musical show was nice.

Front of Australia

The Disney Resort Line monorail

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The National Science Museum
We visited The National Science Museum in Tokyo city. It was one hour from my house by trains. We watched manmoths and a lot of fossils. It was useful day for us.
Next time, I want to go it again for watching Mummy, which came fromThe British Museum.

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October 10, 2006

A typhoon
I have writen about my autumn holidays. I thought, I thought, I thought, and I decided to go Hokkaido again.
My sons were looking forward to going Hokkaido last Saturday. Goingo n board a ship, taking a shinkansen, and taking a sleeping berth train.
But, when we arrived at Sendai, a typhoon came to Hokkaido.
The sea was rough, so we couldn’t go on board the ship. Therefore, our tour was canceled.
My poor older son was very depressed. (He cried a fron of tour desk.) Of course I was very depressed. I spent a lot of time to plan this trip!!
We came back from Sendai last Saturday. Fortunately, the money for the trip was refunded.
We could go to Sendai (for) free!!

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Tohoku Shinkansen Max
We went to sendai. And, we planed to take a ship on Sendai.
If there had not been a typhoon last Saturday, we would have taken a sleeping berth train this Monday.
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October 01, 2006

My younger son’s sports day
In June, I posted my older son’s sports day. Today, I am posting my younger son’s sports day. Japanese schools have a sports day, which is the Japanese way and culture. Probably, you don't know sports day.
We enjoyed my younger son’s sports day more than my older son’s elementary school's.
So, the preschool’s kids are very young. Their ages are from age 0 to age 6. Their dancing and running are very funny. When my older son was young, he ran opposite direction in a running race.
Students, who make up to red and white groups, do battle.
This picture is of a relay race.

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He likes dancing
Every year they dance the traditional Japanese dance.

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