February 29, 2008

Leap-year day
It is a leap day. Four years ago, my younger son was two years old. He was walking around and picking up something. I had to follow him.
I didn't have any time to watch the Olympics on TV.
Four years past, it will become again. I will have been a lot of gray hairs.


February 28, 2008

My younger son's friends
Today, I watched my younger son’s class. He is six years old. He will go to elementary school with his older brother.
Before he graduate his preschool, I wanted to play with kids.

But when I watch his class, I always think some kids’ behaviors are not good. It is very bad.
Why? Teachers said it is some kind of family problem. Really?? I'm not sure
The other kids can draw pitchers. And they can understand his teacher’s talking. But some kids run to somewhere. Some kids throw something. Of course, they always don’t need their associational behaviors. But they should control their feeling a little bit. I hope they change it. In Japan students have to sit down in their elementary school long time.

Anyway we had good memories. Kids are better than my coworkers.


February 19, 2008

Long time no post. I am really busy. By April, my younger son will have been going to elementally school with his older brother. Now I am preparing his graduation of his preschool. Parents are making the graduation writings which are just kids' drawing and their teacher’s comments, pictures and party. My part is making the graduation writings. These days I can't go to bed early. This week I can bring it to a printing shop. Hoo. I am so exhausted..

By the way, this picture is Maneki Neko, Neko means cat. An upright paw cat is money cat.
An upleft cat is wellcaoming cat. Anyway Maneki Neko bring good luck to the owner.

February 01, 2008

Learning English
Long months ago, when I was sleeping, I had dreamings in English.

First, it was dreaming that I was talking with Jay by phone in my house.
It is very hard to talk in English by phone. And I feel nervous. But in my dreaming that I could speak English very well.

Second, I met Gondolatok az erdőben by chance in the beauty salon near my house.
She said "I moved near your house.!"

Ten Years ago I took an English lesson, a teacher said if you improve English, you could have dreamings in English.

Noway, LOL.