May 30, 2007

A temple bell and sutra in early moning
My uncle who lived in Nara sent a video. He took this video at 6:00 AM.
I think Japanese bell's sound is very heavy, that is characteristic. And this sound makes us rememberring quietness.
Kōfuku-ji is a Buddhist temple in the city of Nara.
Kofuku-ji has Five-story pagoda.


May 24, 2007

Dōgo Onsen (Shikoku Part3)
Dōgo Onsen is a hot spring in Shikoku, Japan. Shikoku is a smallest of the four main islands of Japan.
I think Shikoku is very nice. If you have a time, you should visit Shikoku. Shikoku has good foods, beatful seas, historical places and hot springs.

This pictures are Dōgo Onsen bathhouse which was bult in 1894. I think this is a very histrical places.
We took this public bath, which was bery good. (Sorry I didn't taka a picture.)
The movie Spirited Away was modeled on the present building of the Dōgo Onsen public bathhouse.

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May 19, 2007

Our internet environment is OK!!
This week internet speed is faster than last week. It is very comfortable.
But my English is not good and my response is very slow.
Ugh! I want more time to post Blog in English.


May 17, 2007

A hotel in Tokushima (Shikoku Part2)
I booked a hotel by internet in my house. I thought this hotel looked be comfortable. In fact this hotel was not bad. But we felt strange about this hotel, we stayed in it. Because I arrived this hotel at 9:30 PM. We didn't meet anybody in this hotel. All rooms and halls were dark.
This hotel's officer said "All visitors have already slept,"
I tryed to take a picture of this Japanese room, I couldn't it. As a matter of fact I was afraid of apparitions.

Next morning we left this hotel at 9:00 AM, this hotels's officer said "All visitors have already gone early morning,"
We thought this hotel had no visitors exsept ours.
Anyway this hotel was in our worst 5. LOL

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May 15, 2007

Great Hanshin earthquake (Shikoku Part1)
We went to the memorial park of Hanshin-Awaji Daishinsai this month. 6,434 people lost their lives in Hyogo Prefecture . When I heard about this earthquake on TV on 1995, I couldn't beleave it.
If it has a big earthquake in Tokyo, a lot of people would die too. I don't want to imajin it.

Nojima earthquake fault
This Geologic fault was in the epicenter nearby.

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May 09, 2007

Crazy guy
This picture is a V-shaped Valley. (I'm not sure what would you say in English.)
They said this valley is a very difficult valley, and it is 200M high. I could not watch a reiver and take a picture. When my husband stepped a bar, he took a pictre.

In old days travelers came over to this place, they had pee for testing their courage.
We shouldn't do it. LOL

Iya valley in Tokushima prefecture

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May 08, 2007

Our Internet environment
Our Internet environment was ADSL.
Now our Internet provider is changing. While it is changing, we have to use Dial-up access. It is very slow now.

Before Provider UPLOAD spead 512K
DOWNLOAD spead 1.5M
COST 2,700 Yen/month

After Provider from 15. June
UPLOAD spead 1M
DOWNLOAD spead 12M
COST 2,000 Yen/month
(Now we wait a paper work of provider and change their router.)

I heard the other country telephone payment is cheap . And if you call to people who live in same town, it is free. You don’t care payment. Therefore you connect your computer long times.
How do you use your Internet environment?

PS. After our Internet connect the other provider, I can upload my pictures.


May 02, 2007

Traveling Report
We are in Nara which is very famous city in Japan. We are going to visit some temples tomorrow. And we will come back to our house tomorrow night.

We visited Tokushima prefecture prefecture, Kagawa prefecture, Koch prefecture, Ehime prefecture, Osaka prefecture and Nara prefecture in this traveling.
We enjoy our traveling by car. We hope we don't have any troubles before we come back to our house.   

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