January 26, 2010

Eight candles
My younger son is eight years old. Cazzie said kids grow up so fast. I think he was a baby yesterday.
Now he can do times tables. (Actually it was very hard, when I taught times tables to him.)
He is a good skier. He likes schuss.
He likes to take a train. When he was a baby, he didn't need railroad fare.
He had a lot of runny nose, when he was a baby. He has runny nose yet. But he wipes his runny nose ...
Anyway, he grow up everyday!


January 08, 2010

Railway Museum
My sons went to the the Railway Museum last December. They have visited this museum a lot of times. When my younger son was very young, I had to visit the museum with my sons. But my older son grew up, recently they visited the museum by themselves.

This time unfortunately it had an accident on trains, so they were late to be back home. I was really worried about coming back home safety.
Off course they came back home. It took two hours in crowded train.

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Ōigawa Railway

January 03, 2010

Happy New Year!
Best wishes for a happy new year.

What were your goal this year?
I wish I could speak English like you. (I study English about 15minute.)
I will go on a diet a little. (I do sports.)
I continue to write this blog. (Please help me sometimes.)

Don't complain about every little thing. (It is very difficult for me.)
Don't be angry with my sons about little thing.(It is very diggicult for me too.)