November 27, 2007

My uncle's persimmons (Fuyu Kaki) in his garden
My uncle who lives in Nara sent me this photograph.
He was surprised you knew about "Fuyu Kaki".
Crows like ripe persimmons. My uncle takes persimmons and crows pick persimmons. They are competing for taking persimmons now.

a vegetable local shop

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November 20, 2007

late in the fall

astringent persimmons
My uncle lives Nara. He sent it me.
I think the scenery is beautiful Japan.

This is fish called SANMA.
SANMA is just as nice as the other fish in fall.
(I want to say it is very nice.)

Japanese persimmon
It is substantially more different of the astringent persimmons .

Today, I try to use "modifiers". When you compare two things, you can vary or adjust your statements by using modifiers:
I might mistake...

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November 10, 2007

Autumn and the beginning of winter in Japan
Time flies.
Winter comes again in Japan. Our sons are considering about their Christmas presents.

Five-story pagoda at Kōfuku-ji in Nara

Ukimido and Sagi-ike in Nara.


November 08, 2007

Nara VS Rothenburg
My uncle is worried about our historical cities have a lot of electrical cables. We can't keep the scenery of old cities. We should have made underground utility lines!
The other hand, Rothenburg in Germany is very beautiful town. I think Germany takes good care of their old towns.

You can see five-story pagoda . It is not match.
This picture was taken by my uncle, when he went to Rothenburg.