August 20, 2011

One-day trip
My younger son took on-day trip with his grandfather last month.  They went to Aomori. I think it  was far from Tokyo  and it was very tough trip.  But they could arrived at Aomori for three hours and thirty minuets. And they ate SUSHI in Aomori! My younger son likes SUSHI.
His grandfather got special one day tickets which can  allow unlimited travel along Tohoku Shinkansen with 10000 yen for an adults.   

sunset in the Shinkansen

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August 19, 2011

My younger son and I went to a pool near my house. It was hot day. Recently it is very hot and humid in Japan. But we don't try to use air conditioner as possible. We save electricity. So we went to the pool. My younger son enjoyed to swim in the pool.

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August 17, 2011

It has been a long time. I am OK. But I can't write something in English. Recently my older son's English is better than me. Sometimes he asks English questions which are very hard.
My older son is very busy. He is 14 years old. Sometimes he doesn't talk with me. He is very difficult age.

By the way, we went a short trips. My kids grow up. My older son grew up.
My sons in 2009.

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