December 25, 2008

Santa is coming tonight
My husband tell me this sight. Santa will come to your town soon!

Welcome to NORAD Tracks Santa

By the way, today is my older son's birthday. He is 12 years old.
And he believes in Santa Clause.
My younger son said to my older son "If I believe in Santa Clause, I am sure he comes to my house."


December 20, 2008

Christmas is coming
Hello! I didn’t want to write anything on my blog thease days. I was busy and I feel tired.
But Tess and Cazzie write something on their blog. So I think I restart to write my blog.

My younger son asks me everyday. ”When will Santa close come over to our house?”
Unfortunately this year, Christmas days are working days in Japan. I have job and my younger
Son has to go to school.
He wants his presents early, and wants to play with toys.
But he is busy on 24th. He is annoyed of it.


When I was young, there were blank space near my house. But now we don't have blank space for kiteflying. If my sons do kiteflying, their kite hits telegraphic wires.
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