December 30, 2005

Harry Potter
Today I watched the movie. My bigger son wanted to watch "Harry Potter and The Gobret of fire"

When He was in this Christmas, He got LEGO of The Durmstrang Ship.

He really wanted it. But He didn't know the story of the movie.
So he didn't know this ship which, has how meening. We thought this ship was very important for this movie.

After we finished to watch it, my son didn't impress this ship in this movie.
Actually we found the Durmstrang Ship, which was not important in this movie.

Anyway we enjoyed the movie.

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December 23, 2005

Practice(Similes and Metaphors)
My little son is like a puppy.
Everyday he runs around me.

He has nose like a little pig.
Becase his skin is white. And his nose is flat.

He is noisy and busy.
He makes me angry.

He has buttocks like marshmaliow.
I and his older brother want to sqweeze it.

December 21, 2005

The twelve zodiac singns
What's your sign?
I 'm a LEO.

Next year is Dog in Chinse astrology.

December 18, 2005

Santa Claus
Yesterday we went to a christmas party of my older son's after school, which he goes to after finishing his elementary school every day.

Santa Claus,who my sons were glad to see , might a teacher's friend.

And Santa Claus gave the presents that made children excited.

My sons believe Santa clauses exist .

And a lot of Santa Clauses live in Santa Clause's island,which is far.

They think if there aren't a lot of Santa Clauses in the world,Santa Claus can't send presents to a lot of children.

I hope they have inccent and pure feeling forever like the hero "The Poler Express".

December 16, 2005

Practice (Relative Clauses)
The package which my mother sent last week hasn't arrived yet.

Silverback gorillas that are in danger of extinction live in Rwanda.

My friend Zack who, I went to high school with is getting married.

Spicy food, which is bad for your stomach causes nightmares.

Sprint 8X-11

December 12, 2005


When I was a university student, I studyed "KWIDAN" in English class. It was written by Lafcadio Hearn (Koizumi Yagumo). He gathered old Japaneses tales. And he remade them. YUKI -ONNA is his one of the story. YUKI-ONNA's back cover image is the picture on the right. YUKI means snow and ONNA means woman. If you want to read this story, you can read at the site below.

I think YUKI-ONNA might be cryptozoology or some kind of ghost. When I was child , Kwaidan made me scared. I was not used to going to the bath room alone after I read it.

December 10, 2005

I had
a dream my brother would fall down the stairs, and he did.

I must have been a prophet.
I masut have been able to see theFuture.

My best friend was arrested last nighat by the FBI.
Actually he was a liar. But I think FBI must have misunderstood.

When I went to work this morning, no one recognized me.
I think they must have been suprised.

I was suprised.

I saw a large creature that looked like a dinosaur in the lake.
It might have been a dinosaur. But no one agreed with me.

would agree


December 07, 2005

What's the difference between grow up and raise?
"grow up" meens he spent in someplace when he was young ages.
"raise" meens someone takes care him.

What's the diffrence between look like and take after?
"look like" meens he has similar a part of someone's body. Usually someone is one of his family member.
"take after" meens he has similar characters. For example grumpy,honest,and something.

What's the diffrence between split up and divorce?
"split up" meens they stop having relationship. It is not legal.
"divorce" meens they stop having relationship. It is legal.

What does remarry mean?
He got marry again. It uses "remarry".

What does get on well with mean?
He has a friendly rerationship with his frends or familly or staff.

December 04, 2005

The newspaper delivery person who collects money every month came over my home.
His name is Masa. After he collected the money from me, he started to tell a story. One day his coworker saw a old man in front of the elevater in this apartment. It was storm early morning on October. His coworker felt a little scared . So he asked to the old man "Where are you going?"
The old man answered "6th please." And the old man got off the elevater on 6th. Our apartment has seven floors. He delivered the newspaper from 7th. He came down the stairs immediately.
But he coluldn't find the old man. There are no old man on the 6th where we live. He looked for the old man on every floor. When he was on the first floor he checked the elevator's panel.
The elevater stopped on the 6th. When he lifted down the elevater , a small area got wet like in the swape oh a person's silhuette. While I was listening this story,I thought this old man was my dead father . Masa thought so too. Because the old man had a hat and a jacket. My father look liked like this.
Masa said my father might come over to my home. If it was true, I have met my father.


December 03, 2005

Do you know Shakespeare's play Hamlet?
"To be or not to be" , rather than "being or not being"

1.To be or not to be.
He does not to do anything yet. He talks abut his future.
From now he is going to decide.

2.Being or not being
He does it now.
Thererfore he chose NO1.

December 01, 2005

100 yen shop
Do you know about the 100yen shops?
In Japan 100yen shops are very popular. These shops sell food, beverages,
stationery, conve ience goods and staff which are just 100 yen.
Actually it is cheap to get something.
But we should think it we need them before wWe buy them. If we get staff easily ,
You will throw away them easily. That is terirble.
And it makes Global Warming .

Anyway in China there is serious polution now.
They make a lot of things whitout considering the enviroment.
We are importing a lot of things from china
A lot of things are importing from chaina whichi are chpeaper than made in abJapan.
I guess 100yen's owners and consumers should consider about this program seriously.

What do you think about it ?
There is a lot of wastefullness.