June 25, 2007

A traditional Japanese wedding ceremony
When we went to a shrine, we saw a wedding which was Japanese style.
A bride wore a traditional wedding Kimono.

Our wedding was not Japanese style. I regret I should have worn Kimono.
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June 24, 2007

I am getting angry over nothing
Sometimes I am getting angry over nothing.
Because I live in now. And it is very busy on business. And I am not god.
I asked my sons doctor about it. She said it is hysteric. LOL

Yesterday I had a big headache and stiffness in my shoulders.
I think I try to go the acupuncture this week.

I asked my acupuncture last month “Do you know a nice spot for being angry?”
She said “nothing.” LOL

I think blog is very nice for me. But it is difficult to post my feeling. I have a little stress to post.
But it is fun.

June 23, 2007

Miami beach??
We went to Miami beach. Noway!
I realized our country has a lot of beautiful places.
This is Enoshima, which is a little island , is in Kanagawa prefecture. We just can walk to Enoshima on bridge.

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June 19, 2007

Sweet Flag
SzélsőFa asked me "onions in the bathtub? for what reason? decoration? "
Now I answer this is not onions. That is Sweet Flag.
When it is May 5 , we take a bath with Sweer Flag. May 5 is Children's Day (boys day). We celebrate their happiness. So we take a bath with Sweer flag, they become to be health more.

When we went to Shikoku, I took this picture. When it is May 5, parents who have boys decorate carp-shaped flags.

These are Japanese iris. My uncre, who lives in Nara, sent pictures. I misunderstood sweet flag and iris are same plants. My uncle adviced plants in the bath is defferent of iris by e-mail.
Thank you for helping!!

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June 14, 2007

Bating Japanese style
I think SzélsőFa's bathtub is deffernt of our bathtub. And it is defferent of bathing Japanese style.
I found a good derection of blog how to take a bath in Japan.

When bathing Japanese style, you are supposed to first rinse your body outside the bath tub with some water from the tub, using a washbowl. Afterwards, you enter the tub, which is used for soaking only. The bath water tends to be relatively hot for Western bathing standards. If you can barely enter, try not to move much, since moving around makes the water appear even hotter.
After soaking for a while, leave the tub and clean your body with soap. Make sure that no soap gets into the bathing water. Once you finished cleaning yourself and rinsed all the soap off your body, enter the bath tub once more for some more soaking. After leaving the tub, do not drain the water, since all household members will use the same water.
Modern bath tubs can be programmed to be automatically filled with water of a given temperature at a given time, or to heat up the water to a preferred temperature.

Do you understand my feeling?
I don't want to wash my body in a bath tub.
When I try to wash my body in a bath tub at a western style hotel, I can't soak in the buthtub again. Because water is dirty.
I don't know western familly's bathroom. I just see movies.
When I watched movies with my mother , why their bath tub had a lot of bubbles? After they took a bath, how they do it?
Movie was just movie. Actor was very cool. They got on their bathrobe soon without washing their bubbles......

June 12, 2007

Which do you like showing or soaking in the bathroom?
When you take a bath, you use shower. I think your culture is shower culture.
Therefore you say “He showered me with flowers.” “Bridal shower”.
I think shower can’t continue. Someday it might be stopped.

The other hand, when we take a bath, we soak in the bathtub, and we wash our bodies out of bathtub.
I don’t wash my body in a bathtub.
Before we take a bath, it is supposed to pool hot water in bathtub. I love bathing.
If I go to trip, I stay a hotel which is western type. I think I can’t be relaxed.
I want to soak in love like hot spring, which will not stop.

This is my mother in low's bathtub

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June 09, 2007

This photo is the shop of Perth station in Australia. When we went to Perth, I took it five years ago. My older son likes this train of photo. I heard my friends went to Perth in Australia three months ago, they could watch this train.
Perth station

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June 05, 2007

Naruto whirlpool (Shikoku Part4)
I took a picture in the ship which was the other ship of Part3 ship. When we went Naruto, it was not a big tide's day. If it was a tide's day, the whirpool's might be bigger than this day.
I'm not sure you say it "whirlppl".
Soryy, this voice was me. This video is only Japanese.

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June 03, 2007

Top bunk (Shikoku Part3)
We boarded a ship with our car in Shikoku on our trip. And we slept in the ship. Last summer my older son wanted to keep the top bunk. LOL

But this time he could sleep the top bunk in the ship. He was very happy.

This is a big bath in the ship. I took a bath waching sea.

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