February 28, 2007

Devoted husband
I heard Spanish husbands take good care their family. They are devoted husbands. They come back to their home, they help their wives. Cooking, washing, clean…
They have a long lunch time in their house with their family.
A Spanish husband said “if I just come back to my house for sleeping, my house is like a small hotel (pension).
When my older son watched it on TV, he said “Our house is a pension for my daddy.” LOL
I think if Spanish women get married Japanese men, they might divorce soon!!
Now it is 23:40 Pm. But my husband can’t come back to our house. I think you can’t imagine our situation.
I have to say for his honor. He is a very nice husband and father for our family. So he can’t do like Spanish.
There's something I want to say here. I wish I live in Spain.

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February 23, 2007

Gagaku and Bugaku
Gagaku is a type of Japanese classical music. Bugaku is Japanese classical dance.
Though Japanese, we do not have chance to listen to much such music now.
My younger son likes Japanese idol on TV.
I heard this party was kids who danced front of the pond.

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Provided by oji-san in Nara


February 19, 2007

We are apt to oversleep in spring!!
I uploaded pictures the day before yesterday night, after that I tried to post something. But my younger son asked me “I wanted to go to bed with mom.”
I thought I just slept with my younger son. But, when I woke up, it was next morning!!.
I feel very nice with sons in the futon, they are very warm and they have nice smell.

By the way these trees are Japanese apricots called Ume in Japanese. It is very warm in Japan this winter.
It is early this year that Japanese apricots bloom.

There are several Japanese trees in Japan. I think blossoms of dark pink is more beatiful than white.

It is the best Japanse aprocot in Ojisan's house in Nara.
This Japanese apricot is in my mother's house in Kawasaki.
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February 17, 2007

Alpine skiing at the Winter Olympics
In 1972, the Winter Olympic was opened in Japan of Sapporo city.
When we watched Alpine skiing races on TV, my father said “A Japanese girl said Alpene sking like using Japanese style toilet of Shinkansen.”
When I was young, a lot of toilets were Japanese style. Also passenger train toilets were Japanese style in Japan.
While we use Japanese toilets, we have to squat. (You might think strange.)
So passenger train toilets of shinkansen shake. (It is more shake than you think.)
Therefore a girl thought Alpine skiing looked like toilets of shinkansen.
If you don't know Japanese style toilet, you might not imagine this story..

Jan, 2007
When I was in my yonger son age, I didn't know this sports.Posted by Picasa

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February 14, 2007

Do you know Bonsai? Actually I can’t explain Bonsai. So I check my English Dictionary.
A tree that is grown so that it always stays very small, or the art of growing trees in this way.
"Bonsai" is English like "Karaoke"?? I think Bonsai is miniature trees in pots. And we enjoy to see "Bonsai" which is one of hobbies. (It is not my hobby.)
This tree is Japanese apricot. We say “Ume”. When I take a walk near my apartment, I can find “Ume”.

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February 08, 2007

Which is advantageous with woman or man?
If you can choose them, which do you choose woman or man?
I am a two son's mother. And I have a job. Sometimes I have a lot of stress.
Job is OK. (Actually I don't like my job...)
If I have stress, company pays money for me.
But sometimes I can't put up with Japanese school's system. That is PTA. Parents have to do it.
But I cant' do that. Japanese schools start form April so, I am depressed on April.

In Japan usually fathers are too busy to do PTA's job. I think company's job is easier than PTA's job. Threfore I think it is easy for men to live than a women.

I'm sorry that is just my complain. Now my husband can't come back to my house from his office...


February 07, 2007

Kagami pond of Todai-ji in Nara
My uncle, who sent a picture for me, lives in Nara.
Do your countries have pine trees? Pine tree is called “Matsu” in Japanese.
If you go to temples in Japan, it is easy to find “Matus”, which is familiar tree in Japan.

Todai-ji is a very famous and historical temple in Japan. Todai-ji is right building in this picture.
I think that is a one of Japanese beautiful view.
Thank you "Oji-san".
(Oji means uncle in Japanese. I know you use names. But we don't usually use only first name. )

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February 03, 2007

"Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!" If we say it in English, Damons out! Fortune in!!
My sons were scared the "red oni" in his preschool . They threw beens, while they were saying "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!" in a big voice. Some kids were crying..

When my older son was 1 year old, this picture was taken in his preschool. My younger son said
"blue oni" had come to his preschool. Anyway "oni" was preschool teacher.

We eat a grilled sardine and Sushi rolls