January 30, 2006

My younger son came out skiing for the first time
This was my younger son's skiing debut!!

We went a ski resort in Tochigion on Sunday. It is about four hours from Tokyo by car.

It was the first time in this winter for my family. Actually, my husband was too busy to go skiing. We have been hoping to go skiing this winter. At last we could go skying.

My ounger son was first time to get on his new skis which was bought (in) this winter.
1. It was my younger son's first time on his new skis which was bought this winter.
2.My younger son got on his skis for the first time.
3.It was my younger son's first chance to get on his new skis.

Also it was his first time takin ski aking school. It seemed that he didn't like the ski school. But in the afternoon he ran with his father on a snow slope. He was so pleased.

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January 27, 2006

They like to play toys of train which are made in Tomy, which is
Japanese toys maker.

They read the cataloge of Tomy everyday.
And they ask each other what they want to getfor their next christmas present.

It is too early to talk about it.


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January 25, 2006

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January 23, 2006

Poor tie!!

When we went to Perth with my oldest son, we tried to get a souvenir of tie for my hubby. And we went to a big department store in Perth. But I couldn't find a nice tie which was made in Australia.

Then my son found a clerk who had a nice bright blue tie.
I asked the clerk "where can I find one like that?"
He said "I'm sorry. I bought it in the other store."

I aked him again "Where can we buy it?". He thought several time.
Then he answered "you can buy it in a store called Target."

Mabe if we were native, he would not tell us.

He was a very honest person. He told us how to get to that shop.
And we got a tie.

But unfortunately after we came back to Japan, we found that it didn't suit my hubby.
This tie has been in our dresser forever. Mybe he might not be useed to wearing bright ties.

I thought this tie would suit that lyoung person who lived in Perth, when he goes out on a sunny day. Posted by Picasa

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January 21, 2006

It was the first snowy day (of) this winter.

We went to my mother's house which is near(close to) our apartment.

We made a snowman whose eyes were nanten nuts, nose was a laurel's leaf and hands were a kind of Japanese lemon.
My sons enjoyed it.

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Snowy day
It is snowing from midnight in Tokyo. And it is a very cold day.
This Japanese Winter they said it would be warm. But it is very cord.

Side of the Sea of Japan area has been much snow. It is terrible.

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January 18, 2006

What do you think this is ?

It is a Todaiji's column. Todaiji is a famous temple all over the world. If you come to Japan, you should visit Todaiji in Nara city.

When I was a child, I used to go through this tunnel.
My mother said it was luky tunnel. Dreams come true.

My mother said someone who was a little fat couldn't go through it. And he had rested in this tunnel for three days until he was hungry. ( I don't know if this story is true).

Todaiji's inside is dark, don't miss it!!

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January 17, 2006

My older son drew this cartoon which has two storys.
You read down it lengthways , what is japanese way.

I am sorry this was written in Japanese. If you are native English
speaker, You don't understand it.
Acutally I am his mother who don't understand...

He asked me his cartoon to post his mother's blog.
He likes to draw something.

I hope he trys to make somting in his huture.

By the way do you know "The Phantom" ?
I found it in Australia.

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January 16, 2006

Big headache
My big headache was kiling me this morning.
Sometimes I have a headache.
I think my headache is a kind of migran. My head has beenaching for three days.
My doctor said I should quite my job which use computers.
And I have too much stress.

I think if I didn't have a headache, I would do more things.

When I was a pregnant, I hoped I changed my consitution.
Acutually when I was a pregnant, I had less headache.
But after my son was born, it came back to me.

Anyway I have to take care my sons.....

January 15, 2006

Myer in Perth
Two years ago I went to Perth in Australia with my oldest son.
We stayed for 3 weeks in Perth. It was fantastic.

He had wanted LEGO since coming to Perth. Then I bought one kind of LEGO in a department store called Myer.

After we came back to the hotel, he started to build it. He was so delighted. When he almost finished, he said "A parts is not in this box. I didn't it". And he asked me "Please ask to change it".
He was crying.

I was confused.

The next day we went Myer, and he asked me again. Actually I didn't want to say anything.

But I told the story to the clerk. Then she easily refunded my money. I bought the same one for
my son.

Fortunately Myer was having a christmas sale that day.
I got it cheaper than the day befor. It made my son and me happy.
Myer is a wonderful department store.

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January 14, 2006

Why do I call me "Lucy"?
My name is Lucy. You know I am Japanese.
Of course it is a nickname. This nickname has a long story.
When I was a freshman in university, I had standard English which were old English poems. Those lessons were so boring. Because the professor was very old, sometime he went to the bathroom while he went into teaching for students, and English poems were difficult to understand.

When we started the first class, the professor taught us a poem called "Lucy".
The poet's name was William Wordworth(1770-1850).

He said "Lucy" means "shining". And he said to me "Oh, your name's Chinese character
means shining. Your name is same "Lucy in English ". "

That time everybody were freshman and we didn't talk to each oter in the class,
but from that lesson we made friends with each other.

That's why my classmates called me "Lucy".

By the way does "Lucy" mean "shining"?
I asked native English speaker about it.
But they said we didn't know.

If you know about meaning of Lucy, please tell me.

January 11, 2006

Do people always separate their garbage?
No, unless there are garbageis near by, they don't separate burned or nonburned.

Do people always share bath water?
Yes, unless peple are same family, they always share bath water .
Because Japanese style bath room seprate bath tub and washing body space.

Do peopole use public transport?
Yes, unless it dosen't have a few line like local country, we use public transport.

Do office workers always recycle paper?
Yes, unless there isn't a recycle box, they throw away in the gabage.
And it depends on their how much thier time.

Do shops avoid using too much packaging?
Yes, unless custmers don't need it, shops avoid using too much packaging.

Do people care about the environment ?
Yes, unless people have children, they care the enviroment.
For example saving water, as less as use detergent.
They must save nature for posterity.

January 09, 2006

Japanese environment
When we bought someting, we use a plastic bag, which throw away after shopping.
We sholdn't get a plastic bag as much as possible.
Minister Koike presents said "Let's use 'Huroshiki' " ,which is like a big handkerchief.
We used it long years ago in Japan. That is a Japanes culture.
I think I try it.

I has a job. My older son goes a junior shcool.
He goes a after private school, after finishing his junior school which fee is a little expensive.
(His after school is really nice.)
A pubblic after school is suppose to finish pm6:00.
(Parents can't bring their children on this time.)
And teachers are too few to take care of chaildren.

I am a office worker. I can't cheat a income tax and stuuf.
But I wrote like it above. Pubblic after schools aren't answer our needs.

Recntry Liberal Democratic party sweeped in this election.
And some young people who don't have nopoliticsexperience nolifeexperience were elected.
I am afraid they understand our working mother needs.

January 05, 2006

Jobs started
New years holidays was over.
From today it started my life, which is busy again.
I have to go my office, after I carried my younger son to his pre-school.
When I get off his pre-shcool he usually can't say "Good bye mam" quickly.
And I am later than I thought everymornig.

I wish to need someone to help me.

January 03, 2006

My famlly's artist
This is a oil paiting which was drawn by my older son.
When I watched it at an exhibition, I thought it was a greate painting.
After this exhibition, he brought it to our home. And I looked at it very closely. d it and I took it. I said to my son.
"Oh this is pretty painting." But I thought this was little defferent.
He said "You're holding it upside down,"

By the way do you know what he drew?
This is a kind of bird called a pheasant.

January 01, 2006

Happy new year!!

This year is the year's of the dog in Chinese astrology.

We wrote new year's cards. When I was young, I didn't know I could write a new year card that was happy.

Recently it is difficult to think of "Happy new year".

There are a lot of troubles in the world, and around us.
earthquake, war, murder, and bad things.....

Do you understand my feeling?

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