October 28, 2007


Halloween becomes popular in Japan. This year I can get the pumpkin in our local town.When I bought the pumpkin, I asked a staff, "After Halloween, can I eat it??"He answered "No, it is pigs feed. "This picture was taken last year.

By the way, when I was young, I don't know about Halloween. But I was known by a incident in the USA. A Japanese exchange student was on his way to a Halloween party when he mistook the address with his American friend.And the Japanese student was shot, who was just 16 years old. So he couldn't understand one word "Freeze." His American friend stopped. But he didn't stop.
I'm sorry it is the sad story today. But this time reminds me of this story.


October 16, 2007

The special lunch in Japanese-style hotel

I think this is Japanese cuisine. SzélsőFa asked me "What are they?" I enjoyed this launch. But actually I can't explain this cuisine. When you stay in Japanese -style hotel, you can eat like thease stile foods. (fish, meet, vestibules, etc)

Miso- soup with mushrooms


October 14, 2007

Railway Day in Japan
October 14th is Railway Day in Japan.
We went to Minakami Onsen in Gunma prfecture. It is one day trip. But we enjoyed to take hot spring and eat lunch.
Also we enjoyed to travel on a steam locomotive.

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October 13, 2007

Norifumi Abe passed away
He was a hero. When I went off-roading on my motorbike, he won Doohan who was a champion of motoGP. So we were surprised it. Abe passed away in a traffic accident in Kawasaki-.
In Japan there are lot of cars. Especially Kawasaki, Tokyo etc.. He shuldn't died in a traffic accident.


October 06, 2007

Curry Party

Curry is one of Japan's most popular dishes. We cooked special carry in my younger son's preschool. We enjoyed to cook special carry at the preschool. And this curry was very nice.
Their teachers were very nice.

We make special curry sauce. So we beat butter until soft on the stove. After that we mix butter and flour.

We mix it and milk.
When I cooked source, I couldn't' do to cook softy source.

Some different spices are used to make curry.
When I usually cook curry and rice at home , I use curry source on the market. It is very easy to cook it. I know it is important to make homemade cooking for kids. But every day I can't do it.

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October 04, 2007

We say "Higanbana". My uncle sent me this picture.

My mother took us this picture at her garden before we we went to Matsuri. I was young and my older son was a baby. And my mother and my fahter were very healthy.

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