July 30, 2007

Now my older son is staying at his glandmother's house. Every summer vacation my older son stays at his grandmother's house for one week.
So we sent my older son to his grandmother' s house last Sunday. When my younger son said "Good bye" to his older brother, my younger son really cryed. He has been crying in our car long time.

My younger son is very busy boy. He can't saty at his grandmother's house without his parents.
But my younger son can't understand his situation.
If my younger son satys at his grandmother's house, she will be sick. LOL


July 27, 2007

Their secret
Last Saturday I called my older son in a store.
I asked to my older son “Where are you? “ He answered "I don’t know.”
Why ??
I asked to my husband again “where are you?”
My husband answered “We just are a little bit…..”
Because I was busy, I did not mind it. It was morning of 24th, I was keeping busy. Week day morning is usually busy. My sons were very slow to do something. I wanted to be angry.
But then my younger son said “Happy birthday!” So this day was my birthday. I forgot it. And they sent me a present. I understood they went shopping to the shop for me last Saturday.


July 25, 2007

A great omelette
This omelette was cooked by my younger son. He sometimes wants to break and cook eggs.
When he breaks eggs, sometimes a little bit eggshells were in ball. LOL

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July 21, 2007

Yoo-hoo !! New rice cooker
I got a new rice cooker. My older son like rice. I heard you said "sticky rice".
After I got this rice cooker, he eats a lot of sticky rice!! He wants to eat sticky rice in breakfast.
When we eat breads, it is sometimes hungry soon, but when we eat a sticky rice, we can keep it long time.

Anyway I love guys a lot of eating rice.

There are a lot of reice brands in Japan. Akitakomachi, Koshihikari, Hitomebore.

When my mother was young, it was hard to cook rice.

A cup of rice which was cooked by new rice cooker.

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July 20, 2007

A lizard
My cousin's son, who lives in Okinawa, likes lizard. Okinawa is very hot area in Japan. They don't need coats usually in winter. So his son was able to catch this lizard. We can't see it in my town.


July 18, 2007

This pictre's grapes call Delaware, which don't have seeds, are very seat, and are small grains.
I didn't know it is name of a place in Ohio in the USA.
But I am a little confused. Becase there are the other Delaware state in The USA. It is not in Ohio state.
Anyaway I like these Grapes. Maybe your country has a lot of nice grapes.


July 14, 2007

Kidzania in Tokyo
Do you know Kidzania? I thought Kidzania's main office was in The USA. But it is in Mexico.
Kidzania is new family entertainment center. Kids learn ablut jobs, while they work in Kidzania.
And they get kidzos which are money. And they enjoy to get something, when they spend their kidzos.
Our sons enjoyed their jobs which were pilots, foood servise, electrician, gas station. And my older son got the driver license before he took a paper test. And he took rental car.
I thought that was very nice for kids. But my job is a officer. I write presentation documents, have meetings, and objection correspondence. And I have lot of stresses. Hoooo.
I couldn't find like my job. LOL
There are very simpl jobs which we explain to kids.
I think working is very heavire than kids think. The reality things are very hard.
By the way, I found the web sight, which is in Mexico. And I found Sushi Bar. My kids said that was like a chainese restrant's atmosphere. I thought your Sushi Bar might be the other kind of Sushi Bar in Japan.
My yonger son cooked a rice cake.

My sons swiped the window, and they poured gasoline into the car.

Your helmets are OK! Your beltes are OK! Your steps are OK! They cheak them while they are reapting. My older son was a leader.

This is a center. They direct to the field by transcevers.

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I think your gas stations are self-service in your country. Of course we have self-servise gas stations. But if this gas starion is self- servise system, kids will not be intersted in jobs.


July 11, 2007

My soliloquy
I tried to upload my profile' picture. But my husband advised this picture was scary. I shuldn't use it. So I used the Cherry blossoms's picture. If I am angry, my face might be look like it....

My uncle gave this picture which is one of Four Heavenly Kings.
I don't know about Buddhist gods. Posted by Picasa


July 04, 2007

The Great Boiling Valley
Ōwakudani is a volcanic valley in Knagawa prefecture. Ōwakudani is hot springs in Hakone which is very famous place.
We ate kuro-tamago which are a local specialty of eggs hard-boiled in the hot springs. The boiled eggs turn black. H2S and Fe in hot springs make eggs be black.

If you eat one egg, you will increase your longevity by 7 years! If you eat two eggs, you will increase your longevity by 14 years! LOL

My young son likes kuro-tamago. He ate three eggs.
A lot of forigner people visited in Owakudani.
A lot of eggs were made to kuro-tamago in hot springs. So this video is how to make kuro-

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