April 26, 2011

I want to go somewhere.
Golden Week is coming soon in Japan.
Golden Week refers to the period from April 29th to May 5th when there are four national holidays. For me it is until May 8th. But my sons have schools for two days, When my older son was young, we used to go on the trip. Now my older son has to study hard and he is very busy.
But we wonder to go one day trip.

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April 23, 2011

We eat Natto with rice.
Have you ever eaten Natto. Natto is Japanese traditional food. Maybe you don’t want eat Natto. Because it has not good smell for you. You don’t like that smell. Some Japanese can’t eat it. Foreigners who live in Japan long years don’t like it.
By the way, after the earthquake, it was difficult to get Natt. Because factory which made package of Natto, damaged by earthquake. Now I get Natto easily.
I have ever visited Australia three times. Then I had breakfasts in hotels. Always
I tried to eat Vegemite. So I cold’nt eat it. And I came back to Japan with vegemites which I left. Because I think I tried to eat it again in Japan. Always Vegemites were kept in refrigerate long years.

Before we eat natto, we sti Natto with soy sauce and mustard.


April 16, 2011

Spring is coming in Japan

Recently I see foreigner less than before earthquake in our town. They might come back to their country. I think Kanto region is safe from radiation leakage. (My town is in Kanto region.) And Kansai rejoin did not suffer any direct damage from the earthquakes, but many tourist spots have been hit by harmful rumors. I think Kansai region is very safe. Also Japanese food is OK. Because I eat them everyday!


April 10, 2011

Michael Jackson -Captain Eo
Last year, we went to Tokyo Disneyland for watching Captain Eo. We enjoyed this atraction. After the earthquake , Tokyo Disneyland is closed. We shouldn't use a lot of electricity. But if people don't use money, the economy is not going well in Japan. Anyway, I hope the nuclear will be better.


April 03, 2011

Afterquake After the earthquake, every day there are afterquake. They are not strong. It is too weak to feel them. But my younger son's lovely supper man is swinging. When I feel earthquake, I watch his supper man and TV news. By the way, I love this supper man. It can be up and down, when I pull cord.


April 02, 2011

Aprir, 2
I forgot this day. After earthquake, I feel a little depressed and busy. And yesterday I had big headache. Today, it is the 16th our wedding anniversary! We forgot it. As always, we don't do special thing. Anyway, we are happy!