September 30, 2006

Chad vader
This video is interesting.
Is this a famous video???  If you know this video, please some information.

September 29, 2006

Stag beetles
They are not cockroachs. Anyway I don't like insects.

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Left stag beetles
While it was summer season, my sons kept stag beetles. But summer season finished, they left
stab beetles the cherry tree in my mother's garden.
My mothers cherry tree has very beatful flowers in spring.
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September 28, 2006

Sunflower by my olderson
I was very busy today too.

12:30 PM
I took off from this afternoon.

13:30 PMa
I went to my older son’s school for opening school. Students were learning geography.

14:30 PM
Parents had a meeting with children’s teacher.

15:30 PM
I left school though the meeting didn’t finish.

16:20 PM
I arrived at my brother’s hospital.
He was sick, he was a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Fortunately, he was very nice. I felt happy.

17:30 PM
I went to a acupuncture clinic near my house. After that, I felt good.

18:30 PM
We picked up my younger son from his preschool.

22:53 PM
My husband came back our home.
Anyway, when I went to the clinic, I was very relaxed.
But when I think about my jobs, I am depressed..
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September 24, 2006

I was very busy last week on business and on private.
I had so much stress. And I have a big headache, backache and stiff neck. I took headache medicine four times. But I felt bad.
And I called my acupuncture doctor, but she was very busy.
So I was sleeping in my futon on Saturday.
I wanted to rewrite my post. And I wanted to study English. I wanted to read my friend’s blog. I couldn’t anything this weekend.
Unfortunately, I stop using English for a few days, so I forget English.
I want to be a native English speaker!!!

I am going to call my doctor again tommorow. If I go to the clinic, I will be better than now!!

September 18, 2006

A legs performance
Do you understand this video?
Womon is doing the performance alone.

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Today was very exciting day. Matsuri is a fall festival.

This big drum came over to my apartment nearby.

Saz and Jay,
Finally, a fall comes in our town
When I was a kid, Matsuri was very exciting.
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Big batherooms
I love hot springs. There is a lot of hot springs in Japan. When we stayed hotels in Japan, usually Japanese hotels, which are near mountains, have big bathrooms and hot springs. We take a big bath with the other visitors, if our room has a bathroom. By the way, I have two sons. Especially, my older son is 9 years old. He shouldn’t take a bath for women. If we go to somewhere with family include his father, that is OK. But, if I and my sons go to somewhere, my older son doesn’t try to take a bath alone. And I am afraid of liking Michel Jackson… (Japan is safe country.)
It is one of my programs about taking autumn holiday.
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September 13, 2006

Japanese hot spring
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September 12, 2006

Bathroom story
--my question about western style part2--

When I was 5 years old, I stayed “Kyoto tower hotel” with my parents.
It was my first trip to stay a western style hotel. Everything was first experience.
I used a bed. I used knife and fork. And I used bathroom. A western bathroom had toilet and bath. I thought, theses were difficult to use. And I had strange questions, when I was young.

First, I thought a western style bathroom had curtain. They didn’t wash their body at outside bath. It was difficult to wash my body to not spilt hot water. After I washed my body, it was not good to take a bath in dirty water of soap.
After several years, my mother and I realized, when they took a bath, carten was inside bath.

Second, western bath room has a bath and a toilet. I was very confused. Someone take a bath, someone use a toilet together????? After several years, western style house had some bathrooms or some shower rooms.

Third, when I studied English in my junior high school, my teacher said “you don’t use this word ‘toilet’.
It is very straight meaning. You have to use 'bathroom'." I thought their stations had bathrooms that had baths and toilets???

Anyway, I am not good at taking a bath in a western style hotel now. I don’t feel relaxed.
And my children don’t have my same questions. So western styles are very popular in Japan now. You think my questions are very strange.

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September 08, 2006

Traveling in this autmun

I want to go somewhere in this autmun. Because, I get special holidays from my company.
(I have to take these special holidays in this year.)

And my older son will have holidays from 7, October to 15, October.

But I can’t decide to go somewhere.
1. two days trip in Japanese countryside.
2. five days trip in abroad.
3. Just stay in my house. House keeping, cleaning.
4. Give up take these special holidays. Go to work.

Now, I am checking the traveling list of the gold coast in Australia.

Why I can’t decide it? I ask it to myself.
1. My husband is busy. He can’t go with us.
2. My younger son is so busy boy. He makes me tired.
3. I don’t know the gold coast is best place for kids.
4. I should save money for our future.
5. My mother and my brother are sick.

But one more I whisper to me. If you go abroad, you will regret.
1. Next year, I don’t take autumn holidays.
2. I want to chance using English.

And while I annoy, the autumn holidays will finish….
I'm sorry I posted a little thing.
If you were me, what will you do? You go traveling the gold coast with your kids?

September 05, 2006

Japanese morning breakfasts in a hotel Part1
I eat a fish which is dried. (Before we eat dried fish, we grilled them.) But you might not know which is a dried fish on a dish.
People living 50 years ago, who didin't live near the sea, ate dried fish.
You might say "Stockfish".

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Japanese morning breakfasts in a hotel Part2
I eat bread and rice, if a morning breakfast is a buffe in Japanese hotels. I want to eat varius food in a hotel. Because, usually I eat simple breakfast. So, I don’t have time to cook and eat in the morning. I have to go my office hurruedly(in a hurry).

(Bread is uncountoble)

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September 03, 2006

My older son is sleeping on Atami beach

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Last summer beach in this year
SAZ and Jay found a sign of fall.
We found a sign of fall again at Atami beach. We went to Atami beach this Sturday. And this time, Atami beach was not crowded. Funny enough, we thought croude beach was better than today.

I realized it is September today. Japanese summer is finished. I have to bring clothes of fall out.

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