September 30, 2008

That is very strange. and fun.
I found it from Marisa blog.
If you don't know about Japan, you don't believe it.

September 26, 2008

A story
I visited a restaurant this Thursday, when I came back to my company's office from its head office. I visited this restaurant two times. Last visting in this restaurant foreigner works.
This time, I saw the other guy who was little older than I met before.
He talked to me. We had some conversation.

He said "He had 10 kids."
I asked him "Are you Christan?"
He answered "Yes"

After I talked with him, this conversation reminded me of my friend's wedding ceremony.
I saw a minister in her wedding ceremony. He said "I had 8 kids."
I asked him about this wedding ceremony.
He answers "he was me."
This is nice surprise.

And I attended the wedding with my friend whoes name was Tomo, Tomo's wedding was same minister!
Tomo married about 15 years ago. Tomo said he had 6 kids...

By the way, this time he said he had 10 kids!!
I'm not sure I misunderstood it.

September 20, 2008

Happy meals
My younger son likes happy meals. He is 6 years old. Maybe about five years later, he will needs
foods for adult. So I will not be able to take picture of happy meals in restaurants.

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September 17, 2008

Learning English
My father learned English in his university. And my uncle too.
(Before in World War II, people didn't have chance to learn English.)
Now it is popular to learn English in Japan. But their ages were very unusual.
When we went to England, we visited British Museum . And we watched Rosetta Stone.
My father put off his glasses and explained about it, while he was reading a documentation in English.
(He was nearsighted person.)

My father pass away.
My uncle read my blog sometimes. My uncle said it was tired to read something in English now. So he uses a software for translation.

Actually, I used a software for translation too. Haha, I translate Japanese to English. And he translate English to Japanese of my blog.

This picture sent me this picture. He lives in Nara.

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September 13, 2008

Romantic proposin
They are pairs figure skating.
Do you remember your proposing?
Actually I forgot it. It is difficult to do like this situation in Japan.

By the way, I can't catch everything. I think it is hard to understand English conversation.
The ice rink announcer said something ,
"Our victory she said YES." ???? hoooo,
For Japanese, it is hard to catch clearly.
What is the victory in this situation? In her life and this presentation?

I want to speak English with fluency.

September 07, 2008

daily incident

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Bicycle training
When my younger son was very young, he insisted that it was easy to ride a bicycle. ???
My younger son always are watching his big brother. My younger son wants to do like his big brother.

But it is difficult to do that.

My older son instructs my younger son to ride a bicycle. My older son explains that how to ride
a bicycle.
My older son recommends practicing hard.
Anyway my younger son become available. He is very happy!

Reporting verbs

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