June 05, 2007

Naruto whirlpool (Shikoku Part4)
I took a picture in the ship which was the other ship of Part3 ship. When we went Naruto, it was not a big tide's day. If it was a tide's day, the whirpool's might be bigger than this day.
I'm not sure you say it "whirlppl".
Soryy, this voice was me. This video is only Japanese.

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At 3:21 AM , Blogger Jay said...

That's interesting. What causes that whirlpool effect? Is it wake of the ship and the tide together? Or just the tide?

At 3:55 AM , Blogger SzélsőFa said...

that is what I wanted to ask, too. Is this natural, like those in rivers?

At 3:19 PM , Blogger Lucy said...

This is a natual phenomenon. Pacific Ocean and the Inland Sea have a big water difference and the seabed has very complex. A lot of natual things effect to sea.
Sightseeing ships which are capacity are 20 people, are in tides.this
I heard Naruto whirlpool is a biggest in the world.

At 3:47 AM , Blogger -LGirl- said...

I am curious if you travel more frequently that other Japanese families? In Canada we are lucky to get 2 weeks off from work to travel and a lot of us stay at home during our vacation time.
I enjoy that you share your adventures with us!

At 4:09 PM , Blogger Lucy said...

I think our familly might not be normal familly in Japan. LOL
Our apartment is small and hot.
If I live in a house and keep a land, we would stay our house.
And I think it is easyer to go out in Japan. There are lot of transports in Japan and Japan is smaller than Canada.


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