October 17, 2006

Yesterday post
I posted about a medical check. But, probably, it seems that my post was strange.

LanternLight and Cazzie!!! asked me about “barium”. You don't say “barium”??
So, I asked my Canadian friend about it, and he answered “Valium”???
My English pronunciation was bad too.

Before we have an X-RAY of stomach, we have to drink a barium meal and we don’t eat anything from 9:00 PM.
But, when I cook my sons’ breakfasts, I eat something a little. Every year, I forgot not to eat anything before that.

And before I have an X-RAY of stomach, a doctor asked me “Did you eat something?”
I answered “Nothing”.

Anyway, this morning I didn’t eat anything… Please believe me…

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At 4:49 AM , Blogger SzélsőFa said...

Lucy, it still sounds mysterious to me... Why an x-ray, when that is so dangerous? Why x-ray a stomach??
What job do you have, I pray?

At 7:27 AM , Blogger LanternLight said...

Szélső Fa has asked the questions I was going to ask. It would be unusual for a normal physical checkup to include an x-ray.

At 4:19 PM , Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

Yes, I am a nurse, I give these Barium Meal to my patients some times, this is for special X-Ray we do here..same as you had. But, why did you have to have this type of X-Ray as a check up? Are you ok?

At 9:51 PM , Blogger Lucy said...

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At 11:15 PM , Blogger Lucy said...

Szélső Fa,
Japanese companies have employee’s medical check every year.
Therefore, I have to drink a barium meal.
Off course, if you are a pregnancy, you don’t need it.

Company’s’ are afraid of employee’s illness. Because, if we are sick, company’s have to pay.

I am ok!! Thank you. When I read your comments, I thought, x-ray was not usuall in the other company. Japanese ways might be starange.

At 6:34 AM , Blogger Jay said...

I have a friend who had cancer a few years ago. Now every year he has to take that barium stuff and have tests done to make sure he is still clean.

At 3:06 AM , Blogger SzélsőFa said...


At 8:49 PM , Blogger Lucy said...

Thank you for comments. My Father's cancer was found by medical cheak. He was luckY.

Szélső Fa,
I am very scEred a nuclrar weapon!!

At 3:58 PM , Anonymous Urology Surgery India said...

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