September 30, 2006

Chad vader
This video is interesting.
Is this a famous video???  If you know this video, please some information.


At 9:39 AM , Blogger Jay said...

This is a series of homemade videos that some amature film makers have made and posted to YouTube.

you can see more here:

At 11:48 PM , Blogger Lucy said...

Jay, thank you for the information. I checked that sight.
Anyway everyday I think it is difficult something in English.

At 9:31 PM , Anonymous frog with a blog said...

Wow, Lucy that was hilarious! Thanks.

At 10:19 PM , Blogger Lucy said...

frog with a blog,
Hello!! I posted my brog, LOL.
My older son and my husband like this "star wars".

At 5:22 AM , Blogger Rebecca said...

Very funny Lucy, thanks for that.

At 12:23 AM , Blogger Lucy said...

I think you get up early.


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