September 28, 2006

Sunflower by my olderson
I was very busy today too.

12:30 PM
I took off from this afternoon.

13:30 PMa
I went to my older son’s school for opening school. Students were learning geography.

14:30 PM
Parents had a meeting with children’s teacher.

15:30 PM
I left school though the meeting didn’t finish.

16:20 PM
I arrived at my brother’s hospital.
He was sick, he was a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Fortunately, he was very nice. I felt happy.

17:30 PM
I went to a acupuncture clinic near my house. After that, I felt good.

18:30 PM
We picked up my younger son from his preschool.

22:53 PM
My husband came back our home.
Anyway, when I went to the clinic, I was very relaxed.
But when I think about my jobs, I am depressed..
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