September 17, 2008

Learning English
My father learned English in his university. And my uncle too.
(Before in World War II, people didn't have chance to learn English.)
Now it is popular to learn English in Japan. But their ages were very unusual.
When we went to England, we visited British Museum . And we watched Rosetta Stone.
My father put off his glasses and explained about it, while he was reading a documentation in English.
(He was nearsighted person.)

My father pass away.
My uncle read my blog sometimes. My uncle said it was tired to read something in English now. So he uses a software for translation.

Actually, I used a software for translation too. Haha, I translate Japanese to English. And he translate English to Japanese of my blog.

This picture sent me this picture. He lives in Nara.

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At 11:42 AM , Anonymous Kristin said...

I just found your blog tonight. It is interesting to read about your life in Japan.

I went to the British Museum and saw the Rosetta Stone in 2006. It was an interesting place, but it was just about to close so I missed a lot. I hope to see it again some day!

Oregon, USA

At 11:13 PM , Blogger Lucy said...

Thank you for visiting. You went to England long weeks. And you can speak English. Your trip was easier than us. LOL


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