September 26, 2008

A story
I visited a restaurant this Thursday, when I came back to my company's office from its head office. I visited this restaurant two times. Last visting in this restaurant foreigner works.
This time, I saw the other guy who was little older than I met before.
He talked to me. We had some conversation.

He said "He had 10 kids."
I asked him "Are you Christan?"
He answered "Yes"

After I talked with him, this conversation reminded me of my friend's wedding ceremony.
I saw a minister in her wedding ceremony. He said "I had 8 kids."
I asked him about this wedding ceremony.
He answers "he was me."
This is nice surprise.

And I attended the wedding with my friend whoes name was Tomo, Tomo's wedding was same minister!
Tomo married about 15 years ago. Tomo said he had 6 kids...

By the way, this time he said he had 10 kids!!
I'm not sure I misunderstood it.


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