December 04, 2005

The newspaper delivery person who collects money every month came over my home.
His name is Masa. After he collected the money from me, he started to tell a story. One day his coworker saw a old man in front of the elevater in this apartment. It was storm early morning on October. His coworker felt a little scared . So he asked to the old man "Where are you going?"
The old man answered "6th please." And the old man got off the elevater on 6th. Our apartment has seven floors. He delivered the newspaper from 7th. He came down the stairs immediately.
But he coluldn't find the old man. There are no old man on the 6th where we live. He looked for the old man on every floor. When he was on the first floor he checked the elevator's panel.
The elevater stopped on the 6th. When he lifted down the elevater , a small area got wet like in the swape oh a person's silhuette. While I was listening this story,I thought this old man was my dead father . Masa thought so too. Because the old man had a hat and a jacket. My father look liked like this.
Masa said my father might come over to my home. If it was true, I have met my father.



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