June 22, 2008

A adventure
Last Saturday, my sons' school had a parents observing day. Parents observed their kids' class.

And last Monday my kids went to the railway museum by themselvsves in Omiya, which was little far from their house. (1 and half hours from their house by train)
Because last Monday was a day off instead of last Saturday. And their motehr couldn't take off.
Also her older son really wanted to go to the railway museum. When he was young age, he must go his after school Care Program. But he grew up, he has his plans.
This trip was a adventure for them and their mother.
Their mother was very afraid of earthquakes and random valences in trains.
Because there were earthquakes in Miyagi two weeks ago, and there was a random violence in Tokyo three weeks ago.

Anyway their mother went to the railway museum after a afternoon meeting. And she brought their kids.

Is it possible for kids to go somewhere by themseves in your country?
My older son is 11 years old. My younger son is 6 years old.

Interior of Railway Museum

railway model dioramas Mini trains

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At 7:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Wow! Your English is really improving. Your question (Is it possible for kids to travel alone in your country?) is interesting.

My daughter is 30 years old (I think you know I'm so old?), and she has been living in Madrid, Spain for 3 years. A mother ALWAYS WORRIES about her children! It does not matter how old they are!

You are telling a story that involves many verb tenses so I'm a little confused. Please excuse my asking for clarification?

Are you saying:
1.) You went to the parents' day at your sons' school on Saturday. And, because you took the day off from work on Saturday, you had to work on Monday. The boys went to the railway museum by themselves. Your older son made his own plans. Because you worry about earthquakes and random violence, you went to the railroad museum after your last meeting at work to bring the children home.
or do you mean:
2.) You did not go to the parents' day at the school, but you had the day off on Monday. Your older son wanted to see the museum so much that he made plans to go there without asking if you wanted to go. You are worried about the dangers of kids traveling alone, so you went with them to the railroad museum.
3.) Or did you and your children go to the museum after your last afternoon meeting?

At 12:02 AM , Blogger Lucy said...

Thank you for your advice. Today I asked my English teacher.
"Is it possible to go to somewhare//////"
He said it was not good.
His advice
"Is it possible for kids to go somewhere by themselves?"

Tonaight I printed your advice, and I review it on trains tomorrow.
Acutually when I wrote this story, I was confused about some English grammars.
So I try to use "past perfect" or some English grammars.
But it is hard to use it.

Anyway, for me it is harder to read something than to write in English.
I need a lot of time to read English blogs....
Your blogs are so nice for me. Your pictures help me to understand stories.

At 8:42 PM , Blogger cherry said...

Hello, It's cherry again:)

I often worry needlessly for my kid. I have one daughter,she is 6 years old. I just suffer from parenting. I am so proud of my daughter's independence,but there are many awful incidents recently. so I am confusing the timing of making my kid's independent. But I don't want to regret it later...
Anyway, your sons have strong spirit! I think your kids were helping each other!

At 12:48 AM , Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

That looks like fun at the museum Lucy :)

At 1:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Lucy,
I think you are doing very well. I admire your determination to learn a new language. I have no talent to learn languages. You know I am trying to learn about Japanese cooking, but I forget the names of the foods sometimes. My brain needs a picture to make it remember. Also when I try to say the words, I don't know how to say them...

best regards to you,

At 9:14 PM , Blogger Lucy said...

Hello Cherry!
Thank you for commets.
When I was young, Japan was more peaceful than now.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to take care of two kids. But my older son takes care of my younger son. I am proud of my kids.

Yes, it is very nice. Maybe they want to go next month.

Thank you for the encouragement.
I know there are lot of Eglish.
Actually I like you and cazzy's English.

By the way, As I grew older, I become forgetful especially my kids' friends' name. (; ;)

At 3:39 PM , Blogger SzélsőFa said...

In Hungary, kids are relatively safe to travel by themselves - as long as they know the signs of danger. A parent has to teach to look out for dangerous people and situations.
Also, some self-defence.

There is a permantent railway museum and exhibition in Budapest and I blogged about it a year or so ago...

At 12:02 AM , Blogger Lucy said...

Hello! SzélsőFa,
I think Budapest is very histrical
historical city. Stations are very Europeanism. (I just imajine.)


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