January 09, 2006

Japanese environment
When we bought someting, we use a plastic bag, which throw away after shopping.
We sholdn't get a plastic bag as much as possible.
Minister Koike presents said "Let's use 'Huroshiki' " ,which is like a big handkerchief.
We used it long years ago in Japan. That is a Japanes culture.
I think I try it.

I has a job. My older son goes a junior shcool.
He goes a after private school, after finishing his junior school which fee is a little expensive.
(His after school is really nice.)
A pubblic after school is suppose to finish pm6:00.
(Parents can't bring their children on this time.)
And teachers are too few to take care of chaildren.

I am a office worker. I can't cheat a income tax and stuuf.
But I wrote like it above. Pubblic after schools aren't answer our needs.

Recntry Liberal Democratic party sweeped in this election.
And some young people who don't have nopoliticsexperience nolifeexperience were elected.
I am afraid they understand our working mother needs.


At 9:14 PM , Blogger afp763389 said...

:) japan is a great country


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