December 07, 2005

What's the difference between grow up and raise?
"grow up" meens he spent in someplace when he was young ages.
"raise" meens someone takes care him.

What's the diffrence between look like and take after?
"look like" meens he has similar a part of someone's body. Usually someone is one of his family member.
"take after" meens he has similar characters. For example grumpy,honest,and something.

What's the diffrence between split up and divorce?
"split up" meens they stop having relationship. It is not legal.
"divorce" meens they stop having relationship. It is legal.

What does remarry mean?
He got marry again. It uses "remarry".

What does get on well with mean?
He has a friendly rerationship with his frends or familly or staff.


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