November 30, 2005

Agreeing with opinions
A:This dog is clever.
B:Yes, he can Shake hands, sit down ,and stuff.
It's so intelligent.

A:What is this?
B:It might be object for memorial.
A:I suppose it's not functional.
B:Yeah, the author is a outsider.

A:What do you think ?
B:That's beautiful.
A:Yes.not bad at all.

A:Have you seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?
B:Oh. my son wants to watch it. The movie is fantastic.
A:It is so fabulous. You watch this movie as soon as you must watch it again.
B:We can't wait for it.

November 05, 2005

How to keep long life? How to get longevty?
My glandfather was one hundred and three years old.
He used to say "why I don't dye? "

His diet was fresh. Because he lived countryside, he had nise field. One of his daughter was raising potates,many kind of beans,spinach,pumpkins and things like that.

He avoided much sweets and cigarettes.

keep active
He tried to walk and travel.
When he was ninty years old ,he came to Tokyo by Shinkansen.
He needed a stick , but he could walk long time.
He didn' t like use wheelchair.

a good sense of humor
I think lauging is nice thing.
But he said usually old people didn't have storonger feeling than when in young .
For example storng anger, lauging a lot.
Therefor he alivesd long time.

suffer from,treatment
He suffered from a heart problem and a knees problem.
One of his daughter said it was difficult to work of even robots in one hundred.
Human was more excelent than robots.

I think Good medical treatment is the key.
But we need accept everything.

I think if we do every nice things for health , sometimes we could't extend our logevity.
We can't leave our destiny.